Using a holistic approach, Asbjorg takes her clients on a personal voyage into the universe of style, fashion and dressing. With her sharp mind and artistic flair, based on over 15 years of experience, Asbjorg helps her clients to dress fabulously and realise their full potential.

Educated in Scandinavia and Italy, Asbjorg knows her stuff and she is keen to open your eyes to new possibilities, never forgetting that style is personal, you are unique and that these determine the path to be chosen. Asbjorg likes to treat each client as if they were the only client.

So if you’re bored with your clothes, stuck in a style rut or need a new look for a new life, let Asbjorg inspire in you a renewed enthusiasm and flair for dressing. Her creative, sensitive and dynamic approach will leave you feeling like a new woman.

Stop the Clock Style Booster

  • A fantastic style energiser for those on a budget

Style Stop Overs

  • Exclusively for clients from abroad wanting maximum outcome from little time

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