Asbjorg has been working in the European fashion industry since 1992. During this time, and two university degrees later, she has developed extensive experience within fashion design, theory, textiles, retail and lecturing giving her a uniquely holistic perspective and a fresh approach to personal styling.

When Asbjorg returned to Denmark from Italy, she completed a degree and started lecturing. In 1998, she opened her shop ‘Nudo nel Parco’ (Naked in the Park) offering a collection of Italian fashion for men and women. Her personal styling business evolved almost by accident as customers would return again and again to receive personal style advice. Asbjorg did styling jobs for TV and soon she had a loyal client base, including news readers, politicians, dancers, artists and pop bands.

She says, ‘They came to me before events and knew that I would have something for them and be able to style them to look their best, even if the event was their daily life. I would purchase things for my shop with specific clients in mind and I was pleased with my success rate’.

Alongside the shop, she kept on lecturing and doing seminars and was often quoted and referred to as an opinion maker on style in the Danish press.

In 2002 she moved to Henley-on Thames, Oxfordshire. The demand for her services spread fast as her British clients quickly recognised the same depth, originality and flair that made Asbjorg such a hit in Denmark. Now, after years of working as a personal stylist in the UK, Asbjorg has her own unique insight into the British fashion scene and an empathy with British women, from our hang-ups and insecurities to our wildest stylish hopes and dreams.

One very happy client said, ‘I have never met anyone with such an energy, passion and total commitment to her clients. Her intuition is spot on, it’s like she can read your mind. She gets it right for me every time’.

Asbjorg writes a monthly column for the Henley Standard and publishes a regular newsletter. Click here to subscribe.


Your WARDROBE is the place where you begin every day. It is where different outfits hang and wait to become alive. It is where you meet yourself.

Your BODY is a bundle of proportions that you dress. It is the physical home of your personality; a tool you can use to express your presence.

Your PERSONALITY is energy, the driving force that makes you individual. It is a catalyst for your ideas, inspirations and moods.

DRESSING is the act of bringing body and person together. You can dress up or you can dress down. It is establishing a message that will be read, if not always understood.

STYLE is a method, another way of saying composing. It is not a truth, it is a practice…you can learn it.

FASHION is a source. It is there to inspire and encourage not to dictate or overwhelm.