Bernadette: Business Owner and Mentor, Ennis, Ireland

"I would highly recommend Asbjorg’s services. She does so much more than styling, she really cares about what she does and through working with her you’ll get a huge confidence boost and a wardrobe that lives up to the ‘new you’! I’ve never been a lover of clothes shopping, and after having 2 babies in 2 years my body shape had totally changed. The styles I used to wear no longer worked for me, and I had no clue what did.

So I arranged for Asbjorg to work with me, and I’m delighted with the results. Asbjorg ‘got’ me right away – encouraged me to try new styles and put together some fabulous outfits for me.

I feel so confident in my new clothes – and have attracted some admiring glances! I’ve worn my new outfits at several meetings and conferences and every time I’ve had people compliment me on what I’m wearing. It’s years since that happened and it’s all because of Asbjorg."

Chrystele: French, Adventurous, Interior Designer, Padova, Italy

“I wanted to let you know how great my day has been! Thank you for your advice all day long, I can now say I understand what fits me and what doesn’t and I feel more in charge about my image. Thank you so much again. It’s been great fun and worth every single penny!”

Sandra: An Independent Woman in search of Love and Appreciation, Buckinghamshire

“Thank you for a great experience on Saturday. Shopping will never be the same again! Just love my shoes and my favourite is the zebra print dress. It makes me feel very sophisticated and chic. I am looking forward to wearing all my new purchases in the near future.”

Jayne: A Dedicated Mother and Wife, who almost forgot herself, Oxfordshire

“I want to say a big thank you for yesterday. The results are already happening. Today I have had 3 people tell me how nice I look. I’m usually lucky to get 3 compliments in a month! The way you arranged my wardrobe and explained everything has made it so, so easy to do myself. I now have a fantastic working wardrobe. Once again, many thanks.”

Elisabeth: A Woman with God in her Heart and the World in her Hand, Oxfordshire

“Thank you for taking me shopping! I enjoyed it very much and feel transformed in my new outfits – much more joyful and noticeable than anything I would have chosen myself. I love them!”

Kirstin: Considerate, Mum and Business Owner, Oxford

"I haven’t had so many compliments in a long time. What I really like is that people aren’t commenting on the clothes so much as the fact that I look really well, have I lost weight etc. so I feel I am obviously wearing the clothes rather than the other way around! I feel great. Thank you again."

Sarah: Hectic, Artistic Housewife, Henley on Thames

"She pays scrupulous attention to everything you say, gets everything practically at reduced price, uses a totally strategic method, is never tired of adjusting bra straps and has fantastic colour sense, keeps a careful record of your budget and stays well within it and knows what you want even before you find words to describe it."

Jen: Desperately Seeking Style, Henley on Thames

"Asbjorg revealed to me a wardrobe I never knew I had and showed me wonderful outfits I never dreamed I could wear. Now I get compliments and envious glances wherever I go. It’s not just the wardrobe that has completely transformed but the way I see myself (and how others see me) has changed too, in an incredibly positive and empowering way."

Rachel: Globetrotter and Mother of Three, Marlow

"Asbjorg has a depth of knowledge and understanding. Before she goes anywhere near your wardrobe she sits down with a client and discuss what the aims and the objectives are for that particular person. Each person is unique and this is the point of it all really."

Maria: Confused Style Sense, Mother of Two, Windsor

"After Asbjorg had left I found I had already saved money, thanks to her consultation. She had magically created several new outfits out of my existing stuff. Further more I made several successful purchases based on what I had learned. A little knowledge can go a long way!"

Julie: Urban Entrepreneur, Single Mum, London

"When Asbjorg hit my wardrobe I knew I was in the right hands and surrendered with relief. Her approach is thoughtful and rational, yet very action orientated."

Sheana: Single and Seeking New Direction, Reading

"The nicest thing is that I don’t feel like a helpless victim of fashion anymore. Instead I’m feeling more considered, intellectually interested in the subject, and I am keen to experiment with styles and textiles simply for the joy of it all."

Erin: Single, Searching for Mr Right, London

"The good feeling of being in control has stayed with me and I enjoy being confident about what I choose to wear."

Claire: Adventurous, Genuine, Hardworking, Richmond upon Thames

"It’s a work in progress, but my wardrobe is slowly evolving into a ”dynamic place I am happy to visit every morning!” I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation sessions and can truly recommend Asbjorg’s business to anyone looking to put some direction and impact into their wardrobe."

Melanie: Tom-boyish, HR Professional, Kingston-upon-Thames

"Asbjorg gave me confidence to ditch a lot of clothes I never really liked instinctually, but wasn’t quite sure why and I am now enjoying the progress of slowly re-building my wardrobe to something far more functional, stylish and co-ordinated."


What is the main reason most women contact you?

Women contact us for all sorts of different reasons. Most of our clients are looking for someone to help them get out of a style rut or achieve a new look. This can be prompted by a variety of life changing experiences like a career change, weight loss or gain, marriage or even divorce. Sometimes though, all our clients want is a bit of advice on how look great and feel gorgeous.

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

We are based in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. The majority of our clients live in London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. We will consider travelling to other locations, however we may charge additional mileage in these circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Isn’t personal styling a luxury reserved for people who have loads of money?

Not at all, most of our clients use our services as they would use those of their hairdresser or personal trainer. We always start with your existing wardrobe to help you make the most of what you’ve got. When shopping, we stick to your budget and we are careful to consider the value for money of each item that you buy. Most of all, however, our services can be used on an ad hoc basis whenever you need them, this also can help to spread the cost over time.

What if I’m not happy with what the stylist is suggesting?

We will challenge our clients to try new things but we will never overrule them. If you’re not happy with something, just let us know and we will be able to give you many other suggestions to make you feel great. We want you to be happy.

How long will it take?

Working with a personal stylist can take as much or as little time as you want it to. Some clients just need a kick-start with our initial consultation and wardrobe makeover. Others embark on a longer journey, building a relationship with us that can last for years.

Does using a stylist mean I have no style?

Not at all, you can be stuck, even in a stylish rut, but you may not have the time or space to devote to refreshing your look. This often happens with busy mums and career women whose priorities and energy lie elsewhere. You will find, however, that taking time out to update your look can actually leave you feeling more energised than you did before.

Will the stylist take me to shops of my choice?

Yes we will and we will also take you to a range of new shops and boutiques to introduce you to a variety of new styles that we think will transform your look.

I hate shopping will the stylist do it for me?

In general, we don’t do the shopping for you, we do it with you, as personal styling is a two way process that is most successful when we work closely together. However, for longer term clients we occasionally shop for accessories and specific items without the client being present.

I don’t want everyone to know I’m using a personal stylist, how discreet is the service? All our services and any information you share with us are completely confidential.